About Us

Welcome to tonedten, where I create handcrafted candles that not only smell amazing but also transport you to a specific moment in time.

At tonedten, I believe that scent has the power to evoke emotions and memories, and I strive to capture that essence in every candle I create. My candles are made using high-quality, natural ingredients that are both sustainable and eco-friendly, and I never use any harmful chemicals or additives.

As the founder of tonedten, I have always been passionate about scent and its ability to transform a space. With over a decade of experience in the fragrance industry, I decided to create a line of candles that would allow people to experience the power of scent in a unique and meaningful way.

Each tonedten is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that every detail is perfect. I take pride in my work and strive for excellence in everything I do, from the selection of ingredients to the final packaging and presentation of my candles.

Whether you're looking to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, set the mood for a romantic evening, or simply enjoy the beauty of a well-crafted candle, tonedten has something for everyone. I invite you to experience the magic of my candles for yourself and discover the power of scent to transport you to another time and place.



Founder of tonedten